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Farmo was founded in the year 2000 with the aim of becoming a reference point for specialized nutrition, in particular to the world of gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

Since then, Farmo has grown developing technical and scientific expertise in the food research field, with the purpose of developing and producing food of high nutritional and organoleptic value specifically addressed to the world of Gluten Free.

The success of this activity brought about the acquisition of the storic factory in Lavezzola, (Ravenna) Italy, dedicated to the production of Pasta Gluten Free.

2010: International Development

The year 2010 represents a strategic turning point, thanks to the inauguration of the first production site, in Casorezzo (Milano) Italy; the factory production is dedicated to our special Gluten Free Bakery products and Gluten Free Mixes.

This was the beginning of an important phase of expansion of industrial activity, with the success of the Farmo brand and the development of the Private Label.

Initially concentrated on the Italian market, business activities starts to expand internationally.

2014-2016: Farmo Next

In order to support the expansion of our business, plans were drawn up for a second factory in Casorezzo (Milano) Italy. The first stone was laid on June 30th, 2014. A further push towards the advancement and affirmation of Farmo on the national and international markets as a notable producer in the Gluten Free sector, covering the three areas of Pasta, Bakery products and Mixes.

The Company


certificazioni farmo

All Farmo products are certified through GFCO Standard from Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) and through the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) of Canadian Celiac Association (CAA). This program requires the implementation of stringent, risk based and preventive gluten-free controls combined with a globally recognized food safety management system. Our facility and management system are certified following an annual third-party facility audit conducted by an approved ISO 17021 accredited certification body.
Our products also answer to the requirements of BRC Grade A standard and the IFS Food Version, 6 standard, as certified by Certiquality. Pasta also has the Kosher certificate with standard Star-K Kosher Certification and some products are certified as ORGANIC.

The Company

Our force: the people

Remo Giai

The President

Farmo was born from Remo Giai’s intuition to give the family business, the turnaround that has made it a leader in the gluten free foods sector. Remo Giai decided to bet on an industrial future for the company by concentrating on a sector that, at that time, was still little known and barely explored, especially in Italy. It was a winning bet, because, since then, the demand for these products has grown year by year.

remo giai

Andrea Giai

Managing Director

Farmo continues to grow, and, with Andrea Giai, is now expanding abroad. Attentive to the new potential offered by an ever growing market, Giai decides to push Farmo on an international adventure. This, too, proves to be a winning choice, demonstrated by Farmo’s exponential growth on the American and Canadian markets, which has doubled the company’s turnover and has made it into an important landmark in the USA, both for professional ‘gluten free’ operators and for consumers.

andrea giai

The group’s passion and commitment

The team has multiple strengths and is comprised of people with diverse competence, whom are all united in the objective of achieving excellence: this is the secret of who, through commitment and passion, contributes every day to the growth of the company.

We have qualified people who operate in various fields: from research and development to production planning; from production to logistics, to marketing, till sales and customer service.

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