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Legume Pasta

Legume Pasta

Made with just two ingredients, lentil and chickpea, our 100% legume pasta features the fragrances and flavours of Italian tradition for a taste to be discovered. It keeps its shape while cooking and, compared to any other durum wheat pasta, has 30% less carbohydrates and the double of fibre and vegetable protein.

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Organic lentil and chickpea rotini

Organic lentil and chickpea penne

Organic lentil and chickpea spaghetti

Organic lentil and chickpea risoni

Baking Mixes

Baking Mixes

For those who love to test their abilities in the kitchen, here is the Mix Line: your new partner for adventures in the kitchen will help you to create fantastic gluten-free recipes. The line includes baking mixes for bread, pasta, cakes and desserts. All you have to do is mix and bake.

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Fibrepan Cake

Fibrepan LP

Fibrepan pasta

Gluten Free Pasta


Simply Pasta. Our Blue Line is completely gluten free and satisfies even the most discerning palates, this makes this product an icon of Italian taste. As well as being available in the classic formats, the Blu Line also includes the brand new shape “fusilloni”: a new shape that we have created to offer you an even richer and more exciting taste experience.

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Corn And Brown Rice Rotini

Corn And Brown Rice Penne

Corn And Brown Rice Spaghetti



The Cakes line has been created to fulfill the day with sweetness and goodness. From the classic Muffin with chocolate chips, a breakfast classic, to the delicious Brownie, the delicious snack that can become a fantastic dessert, and is individually packaged to follow you wherever you go.

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Cakes 2

Salty Snacks


Perfect for appetizers, bread alternatives or mid-day hunger pangs, our Salty Snacks are great anytime! From classic breadsticks and sesame breadsticks to the brand new Legume Crunch with chickpea or lentil, everyone can find the ideal snack for themselves.

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Legume Crunch Organic Chickpea

Legume Crunch Organic Red Lentils


Classic Breadsticks

Sesame Breadsticks